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Bài tập Tham Khảo Elective 2

ELECTIVE 2 (Form 12F)                                                        (2014-2015Download tại đây


I. Choose the best part (A, B, C or D) to complete each sentence.

  1. Mai goes / comes / arrives / reaches from a large family with eight children.
  2. My sister is responsible in / to / for / after looking after my grandparents whenever she doesn't go to school.
  3. My parents never allow / make / let / permit me ride a motorbike to school.
  4. Who do you usually deliver / share / throw / say your personal secrets with?
  5. Nam's parents join a hand / the hand / hand / hands to give them a nice house and a happy home.
  6. I am responsible for take / taking / takes / took out the garbage.
  7. I am a twelve-grade / twelves-grade / twelfth-grade / twelfths-grade student this year.
  8. We can find no solving / soluble (có thể hòa tan) / solve / solution to our maths problems.
  9. We must obey all the rules / laws / regulations / requests of my family.
  10. The form teacher expects unquestioning ______ from all of his students.

A. obedience                     B. obedient                             C. disobedience          D. disobedient


II. Choose the underlined part which is pronounced differently from that of the others.  

  1. A. hospitals           B. flights                     C. reserves                   D. weekends
  2. A. chores               B. watches                  C. houses                     D. uses
  3. A. enjoys               B. coughs                    C. ploughs                   D. comes
  4. A. writes               B. biologists                C. snakes                     D. ladies
  5. A. days                  B. shoes                       C. dates                       D. halves
  6. A. loves                 B. goes                        C. prepares                  D. rushes
  7. A. secrets             B. fathers                    C. lives                        D. homes
  8. A. shares               B. closes                      C. tables                      D. cares
  9. A. loves                 B goes                         C. dresses                    D. prepares
  10. A. friends             B. decisions                 C. asks                         D. allows


III. Choose the correct word/ phrase in the box to complete each sentence below.









get together


  1. My brother is as _______________ as a monkey. He enjoys playing tricks and annoying people sometimes.
  2. We usually go out for dinner whenever we _______________.
  3. Please put all the _______________ in this dustbin.
  4. Mr. Brown and Mrs. Brown always take care of their children well. They are the most _______________ parents I have known.
  5. Lan always prepares her lessons carefully before coming to class. She is very _______________.
  6. All the members of our family have very close relationships with each other. We are a very ______________ family.
  7. We never dare to object to my parents' requests. We are _______________ children.
  8. We go to school only on the morning _______________. We are off in the afternoon.
  9. Nam learned his lessons very carefully, so he answered the teacher's questions with great _______________.
  10. In my family, everybody has to do their share of the _______________ chores.