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Bài tập Tham Khảo Gerund - Infinitive

                                                            GERUND  -  INFINITIVE Download tại đây

I. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form, Gerund or Infinitive.

1. He isn’t interested in (look)_________ for a new job.

2. Thank you for (help)_________ me (carry)_________ the package to the post office.

3. My father isn’t used to (wear)_______ a suit and tie every day.

4. We’re going out for dinner. Would you like (join)________ us?

5. Fred didn’t have any money, so he decided (look)_______ for a job.

6. The teacher reminded the students (do)___________ their homework.

7. They got tired so they stopped (work)____________ a few minutes.

8. He suggested (go)________to the movies last night.

9. My father has just given up (smoke)___________.

10. Jane had (go)__________ out again because she had forgot (buy)________ some bread at the market.

II. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one. Use the word in brackets.

1. Jane never allowed her worries to interfere with her work.

Jane didn’t ___________________________________________. (let)

2. I can’t force you to do this if you don’t want to.

I can’t _______________________________________________. (make)

3. “I’ll bring the book back tomorrow,” said Philip.

Philip _________________________________________________. ( promised)

4. I don’t really want to go to Scotland.

I don’t feel ______________________________________________. (like)

5. Could you please open the window?

Would ________________________________________________? (mind)

 6. Trung didn’t lock the door when he left the room.

Trung ____________________________________________the door. (without)

7. I will make an effort to get there on time.

I will ___________________________________________there on time. (try)

8. It took me two hours to do my homework.

I _________________________________________________my homework. (spent)

III. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentence:

1. It is no use ________ the car. It would be cheaper ___________ a new one.

A. repair/ bought                     B. repaired/ buy          C. to repair/ buying                 D. repairing/ to buy

2. She wanted ________ home, but her boss made her _________ until the work was finished.

A. to go/ staying                     B. go/ stayed               C. going/ to stay                      D. to go/ stay

3. I am not sure if I have met Mr. Martino, but I remember _________ his name.

A. hear                                                B. to hear                    C. hearing                                D. heard

4. I am busy ________. I would rather not __________ out for lunch.

A. working/ go                        B. to work/ to go         C. worked/ going                    D. work/ going

5. This advertisement needs___________. We will have Peter____________ it.

A. to redesign/ doing              B. redesigning/ do       C. redesigned/ did                  D. redesign/ to do

6. The man asked me how_________ to the airport. He said that he had to __________ the 9.00 plane to Paris.

A. getting/ taken                     B. to get/ take             C. got/ taking                          D. get/ took

7. I will make an effort _______________.

A. stopping/ smoking              B. stop smoke             C. to stop smoking                  D. stop smoking

8. She was so nice that he couldn’t help ____________in love with her.

A. fall                                      B. falling                     C. to fall                                  D. fallen

9. I happened ___________John __________ the street.

A. to see/ to cross                    B. see/ crossed                        C. to see/ crossing                   D. seeing/ to cross

10. The robber forced the bank manager _________ the safe.

A. open                                   B. to open                   C. opening                               D. opened