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TIN BÀI BỘ MÔN - Ngoại ngữ





Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. of                           B. off                                           C. profile                       D. prefer

2. A. weigh                                 B. enough                                   C. through                    D. neighbor

3. A. leaves                                B. sand                                        C. sit                               D. star

4. A. developed                         B. looked                                    C. Impressed              D. enjoyed

5. A. satisfied                            B. received                                 C. varied                       D. provided

6. A. announced                       B. rushed                                    C. failed                         D. missed

7. A. phoned                              B. married                                         C. extended                  D. allowed

8. A. cooks                                 B. chairs                                     C. families                     D. names

9. A. gentle                                B. gymnastic                              C. begin                         D. general

10. A. bomb                               B. cab                                          C. Bob                            D. stab

II. Choose the word which has the stress pattern different from that of the others.

1. A. secret                                 B. include                                   C. ocean                        D. current

2. A. satellite                             B. different                                C. pollution                  D. Indian

3. A. especially                         B. conservation                           C. convenient              D. impossible

4. A. orphanage                        B. rainforest                              C. tropical                     D. variety

5. A. picture                               B. happy                                     C. prefer                        D. language

6. A. maintain                           B. express                                  C. combine                   D. listen

7. A. musical                              B. appointment                           C. character                 D. history

8. A. international                   B. announcement                         C. university                D. volunteer

9. A. protect                              B. enjoy                                       C. destroy                     D. broaden

10. A. education                       B. eliminate                               C. endanger                 D. Appearance


Choose the best answer

1. The new laws to conserve wildlife in the area will come into force next month.

                 a. protect                         b. pollute              c. destroy                            d. eliminate

2. Water pollution is more and more serious due to the tests of nuclear weapon in the seas and oceans.

       a. circulation                  b. environment                         c. elimination                            d. contamination

3. Harmful insects must be         to protect our crops.

       a. conserved                   b. protected    c. destroyed                        d. cultivated

4. Up to now, we have hardly estimated the ________ that our country suffered during the war.

       a. destroy                        b. destroyable                           c. destructive                            d. destruction

5. The government have become more and more worried about the ________of the coastline by the sea.

    a. erode                           b. erosion              c. erosive                             d. erodent

6. Van Mieu is an example of well-preserved traditional Vietnamese                   .

       a. architect                  b. architecture                 c. architectural              d. architecturally


7. ___________________ is traditional music of a country.

       a. Jazz                  b. Folk music         c. Pop music                 d. Classical music

8. Can you play any _________                           instruments? – No, I cannot.

       a. music              b. musical              c. musically                  d. musician

9. Tien Quan Ca’, the Viet Nam national ______________ was written by Van Cao.         

       a. folk song       b. anthem              c. epic                 d. pop song

10. I am used to listening to a ______________ of music before going to sleep.

       a. sheet               b. piece                   c. bar                              d. slice

11. Music is a wonderful kind of _______________, which is the passion of many people, young and old alike.

       a. entertain       b. entertainer       c. entertainment         d. entertaining

 12. The number of people who went to see that film increased rapidly.

               a. gradually                                         b. uncontrollably   c. suddenly                      d. quickly

 13. The movie on T.V last night made me ...........

              a. boredom                                          b. bored                                 c. bore                d. boring

 14. We are really .......about going to the cinema tonight.

             a. excited             b. interested         c. pleased                         d. amused

 15. The World Cup is considered the most popular sporting event in the world.

           a. organized          b. competed           c. witnessed                                    d. regarded 

 16. Germany was the ________ of the 2006 World Cup. The 18th World Cup was held there.

       a. continent               b. host nation         c. competitor   d. region

 17. The English football team was the world ________ in 1966. It won the World Cup.

       a. champion             b. competition        c. tournament                               d. honour

  18. Since its beginning in 1930, the Soccer World Cup has grown to be one the most spectacular sporting___ in the world.

      a. factors                   b. events                c. regions                                       d. athletes 

19. Animals are sheltered in the zoos or parks for their ___________.

   a. survivor                   b. survived              c. survival    d. survivalist

  20. The band plays ________ Celtic music.

    a. tradition                  b. traditional           c. traditionally        d. traditionalism


Choose the best answer

1. The boy remained (silently/ silent/ silence/ being silent) after being scolded by his mother.

2. The river near us is too polluted (that it can’t support/ to be supported/ in order to support/ to support) much life.

3. Why do you ask me about the party? I (was not invited/ didn’t invite/ not invited/ was not been inviting) to it!

4. Animals are sheltered in the zoos or parks for their (survivor/ survived/ survival/ survivalist).

5. “Who/ Which/ Why/ Whom) football club do you like best, Van?” “Chelsea, of course”

6. Today, many childhood diseases (are preventing/ can prevent/ prevent/ can be prevented) by early immunization.

7. Brazil defeated Italy _______4________1 in the 1970 World Cup. (by-to/ by-by/ to-by/ to-to)

8. Mary put on her scarf (in order that will not/ so as to not/ so as not to/ in order to not) get cold.

9. The children (should/ had/ would/ ought) better leave now, it’s getting dark.

10. It is very (tiring/ tired/ tire/ tires) to work more than eight hours a day.

11. The monster in the movie has (some/ a/ an/ a few) ugly face.

12. She felt proud of her son when he became  (a/ an/ the/ Ө ) university student.

13. If I hadn’t drunk too much coffee, (I’ll sleep/ I slept/ I’d have slept/ I sleep) better.

14.”Would you like to join our volunteer group this summer?” – “_____” (Do you think I would?/ I wouldn’t like. Thank you/Yes, you’re a good friend/ Yes, I’d love to. Thanks.)

15. (Why/ How often/ What/ What purpose) are you going to buy a new cassette recorder for?

16. That’s (funny/ the funnier/ the funniest/ the most funny) joke we’ve ever heard.

17. The film was (disappoint/ disappointing/ disappointed/ disappointment). I expected it to be much better.

Error identification

1. Teenagers are exciting (A) about (B) Michael Jackson’s (C) new record.(D)

2. My sister (A) prefers science (B) fiction films than (C) detective ones (D).

3. The writer is (A) famous of (B) his (C) great novels (D).

4. The (A) bicycle is be (B) repaired (C) by (D) my father right now.

5. How about go (A) fishing (B) with  (C) our neighbors (D)?


WORD FORM: Supply the correct form of the words/verbs in parentheses.

1. Rose is the ______________ of the four girls.                                                                            (TALL)

2. I wish I had enough money _______________ a new bicycle for my younger sister.              (BUY)

3. Dinosaurs have been _____________ for millions of years.                                  (EXTINCTION)

4. Kuwai do not have to pay any personal income tax for the _____________ services.   (SOCIETY)

5. Her work is taking care of unfortunate children at the ________________.                       (ORPHAN)

6. This is the most _____________ race that I’ve ever taken part in.                                (THRILL)

7. My mother cooks _____________ than I do.                                                                     (WELL)

8. The health of our children is being ____________ by exhaust fumes.                         (DANGER)

9. The couple have split up and now are living _________                                              (INDEPENDENT)

10. What makes you want to become a ____________ in the future?                                 (SCIENCE)

SENTENCE REWRITING: Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first or do as directed.  

1. I don’t take the bus to work every morning because it’s always so crowded.


2. The electric guitar was developed for pop music in the 1930s.                                  

It was not until_________________________________________________________

3. She didn’t stop learning Germany until the age of 14.

It was not______________________________________________________________

4. I think somebody has already told me that story.

I think I _______________________________________________________________

5. Nick can't find the way because he hasn't got a map.


6. Paul didn’t learn English as quickly as I did.

I ____________________________________________________________________

7. They went to the seaside. They wanted to avoid being disturbed by the noise of the city.

- In order________________________________________________________________

- ______________________________ so that__________________________________

8. The teacher assigned much homework to make us work harder  (Make a question for the underlined phrase)


9. My new English teacher is thin and small. (Make a question for the underlined phrase) What__________________________________________________________________?

10. She forgot to add salt, so the food was tasteless.


11. It’s not a good idea to travel during rush hour. (SHOULDN’T) _______________________________________________________________________

12. I think you should tell the headmaster about that problem.

If I ___________________________________________________________________

13. The bedroom isn’t as large as the living room.

The living room is _______________________________________________________

14. Someone should tell James the news immediately.


15. Peter doesn’t find his present job at this company interesting.

Peter is ________________________________________________________________