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REVISION (The 1st semester, 2019-2020) Grade 10                                   

I. Choose the best answer to complete the sentence or do the task as directed.           

Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

1. A. mother                        B. wonder                    C. Monday                        D. tonight

2. A. safe                             B. apple                       C. chat                                 D. family

3. A. look                           B. blood                      C. foot                                D. cook

4. A. cash                           B. pagoda                    C. human                            D. camera

5. A. miraculous

   B. language

C. accuracy

D. calculation

6. A. exhibition                   B. enclose                   C. demonstrate                    D. method

7. A. scenic                         B. memo                     C. semester                         D. destination

Choose the word which has the stress pattern different from that of the others.

8.  A. career                         B. science                   C. obtain                           D. mature

9.  A. educate                      B. narrow                   C. tobacco                         D. motorbike                

10. A. relax                         B. excursion               C. persuade                         D. recommend

11. A. interact                     B. photography           C. technology                      D. communicate

12. A. mental                       B. passenger               C. effort                             D. divide

13. A. achievement              B. magazine                C. education           D. scientific

14 . A. interview                  B. personal                  C. computer                       D. newspaper

15. A. picturesque               B. photogenic   C. introduce                         D. develop

Choose the synonym of the underlined word in the sentence.

  1. 1.     In summer, when the weather is hot, these parks are crowded in the evening.

      A. very noisy                 B. very cool              C. looking beautiful            D. having lots of people

  1. 2.     Computer models help to determine whether a particular area is likely to flood.

A. make up                    B. take over                   C. put up                                        D. find out

  1. 3.     The children in that school are mentally retarded.

A. mentally developed than normal                      B. visually developed than normal     

C. less visually developed than normal      D. less mentally developed than normal

  1. 4.   The only thing he _______ with is his computer!

      A. admits                       B. includes        C. involves                        D. interacts

  1. 5.     New technology can even help ______ break through their dark world.

A. the deaf                     B. blind                    C. the blind                         D. deaf

  1. 6.     We are in regular ______ with each other by telephone or letter.

A. communicated B. communicative           C. communicate                  D. communication

  1. 7.     The volunteers have built houses for the ______ after the storm.

A. sick                           B. homeless              C. unemployed                    D. old

  1. 8.     A night campfire on ______ will be a great event in our schooldays.

A. a two-day trip            B. a two-days trip     C. two-day trip                   D. two-days trip

  1. 9.     ______ Christmas, the weather has been quite good.            

A. For                            B. At                  C. When                              D. Since

10. With this microwave oven, it’s ______ to heat food.

A. useful                        B. convenient            C. time-consuming              D. warm

11. He behaves like an adult. I think he is more ________ than the other boys in his class.

A. intelligent                  B. mature                  C. ambitious                       D. developed

12. The street is very noisy, ______ makes sleeping difficult.

A. which                        B. that                          C. what                             D. it

13. Buildings should be specially designed so that they can be used by ________.

  1. A.   a disabled person      B. the disabled person  C. the disabled                  D. the disable
  2. 14.           “Will you pick me ______ after the party?”             

     A. with                            B. on                C. up                                            D. at

15. Ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident and took ______ to hospital.

A. the young                  B. the unemployed   C. the deaf                           D. the injured

16. “Have you made plans for the summer?” “Yes. ______ toSpain.”


A. We’d go                   B. We’re going           C. We’ve gone                     D. We’ll go

17.This move will inevitably result ______ the loss of a lot of jobs.   

    A. in                              B. from                     C. with                                 D. at

18. The severe drought_______occurred last summer ruined the corn crop.

     A. where                      B. which it                 C. it                                                                                                                  D. that

19.______ the bad condition of the house, they enjoy living there.

A. In spite of                  B. Although              C. Despite of                       D. Because of

  1. 20.   Television can make things memorable ______ it presents information in an effective way.

     A. in spite of                  B. because of   C. because                         D. although

  1. 21.   The student said that they ______ the report the following week.

     A. finish                         B. finished       C. are finishing                 D. would finish

  1. 22.   There ______ many technological advances recently.

     A. have been                  B. were            C. are                                          D. had been   

  1. 23.   When all the students were seated, the teacher ______ his lesson.

    A. begins                         B. began          C. was beginning              D. had begun

  1. 24.   ______ work hard to support your family?

    A. Did you used to          B. Did you use to   C. Used you to              D. were you used to

  1. 25.   Mr.Nam ______ his bike to work but now he takes the bus.

   A. is used to riding           B. uses to ride  C. used to ride                   D. is accustomed to riding

  1. 26.   Ann went to get the carpet for the room but someone ______ it.

   A. have already taken       B. had already taken C. already took                      D. has already taken

  1. 27.   When he ______ his wallet, all the money ______ out of it.

   A. finds / has been taken  B. found / was taken   C. had found / was taken     D. found / had been taken

  1. 28.   - “______?” - “I feel tired. I’ve got a headache.”

   A. Are you having a headache?                 B. Do you feel alright?

   C. What’s the matter with you?                      D. What happened to you?

  1. 29.   - “Would you like to go to the movie tonight?”  - “______.”

   A. Of course                     B. Yes, I’d like   C. No, I don’t like             D. Yes, I’d love to

  1. 30.   - “______” - “About twenty minutes’ walk.”

  A. What is your school?                            B. How far is it from your house to your school?

  C. How long is your school?                     D. How long does it take to ride to your school?   

  1. 31.   - Laura: “I’m very thirsty now.”          - Peter: “Well, I _________ iced tea for you.”

    A. am going to make       B. will make    C. am making                    D. make

32. My wife and I _____________  three times since we _____________ married.

    A. move  - have got        B. had moved – have got C. moved - got      D. have moved - got

33. The police _____________ these drivers but later they let them go.

    A. have arrested              B. arrest    C. arrested                      D. are arresting

34. We often go to visit our friends inBristol, ______ is only 30 miles away.

     A. which                        B. that    C. where                         D. this

35. She _________ me in a race.

   A. sometimes can beat    B. can beat seldom                 C. can sometimes beat   D. seldom can beat

36. She _______ much time watching television when she was ill.

    A. spends                        B. was spent                        C. spent                    D. had spent

37. The hijackers ________ to kill one passenger every hour if their demands were not met.

    A. volunteered                B. suggested          C. admitted                         D. threatened

38. From the bedrooms there are _______ views of the coast.

     A.  glory                        B. luxurious           C. glorious                          D. scenic

39. People have built a new bridge across the river.

   A. Across the river they built a new bridge.                

   B. A new bridge had been built across the river.  

   C. A new bridge has been built across the river. 

   D. The river has been built a new bridge.



40.The last time he played for this club was in 2005.

   A. He played for this club in 2005.                                  

   B. He has played for this club since 2005.

   C. He hasn’t played for this club since 2005.                            

   D. He didn’t play for this club in 2005.


II. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one or do as directed.

  1. 1.      “We are going to the theatre this evening,” said Jane.

     Jane said ___________________________________________________________________

  1. 2.      Betty said, “Bill, I don’t like this film.”

Betty told___________________________________________________________________

  1. 3.      She was in the habit of staying up late when she was young. -     

 She used ___________________________________________________________________

  1. 4.      The police arrived too late, so the robber escaped.

By the time __________________________________________________________________

  1. 5.   They last drove this car last month.

They haven’t__________________________________________________________________

  1. 6.      Lam did not play for his soccer team last week because his legs were badly injured.

Because of ____________________________________________________________________

  1. 7.      They have sent books to those poor children.

Books _______________________________________________________________________

  1. 8.      They slept soundly although the night air was hot.

In spite of ____________________________________________________________________

9.    The last time he wrote to his children was three months ago.

       He hasn’t ____________________________________________________________________

10. Despite losing a lot of blood, he is in a stable condition.


11. Although she was successful, she felt dissatisfied. 

      In spite of her_____________________________________________________________________

12. Despite his illness, he still came to the meeting.     

         Although _______________________________________________________________________

13. They haven’t visited their parents since last month. 

      The last time_____________________________________________________________________

14.Thomas refused the water despite being thirsty.

     Although ________________________________________________________________________

15. “I wrote to my sister only last week,” said she.

    She said ________________________________________________________________________

     Combine the sentences, using relative pronouns.

16.The man finished the job in four hours. I hired him to paint my house.


17. The woman suddenly walked into the room. I was talking about her.


18. The new camera broke. I bought it on the Internet last week.


19.The car had bad brakes. We were in this car. ________________________________________________________________________________

20. You sent me a present. Thank you very much for it.


III. Fill in the gaps with the correct form/ tense of the words in brackets.

  1. 1.     His ________________ prevents him from hearing well.                                     (deaf)
  2. 2.     The ________________ are suffering from hunger.                                        (employ)
  3. 3.     The computer helps us perform ________________ calculations.                    (accuracy)
  4. 4.     Television interferes with family life and ________________.                            (communicate)
  5. 5.     All the pupils have their parents’ ________________ to go for a picnic.                (permit)
  6. 6.     TV can make things memorable because it presents __________ in an effective way.         (inform)    
  7. 7.     If you ___________ all these amounts together you get a huge figure.                 (addition)
  8. 8.     He came first in the Quiz Show last week. It was the most __________ event for him.                  (memory)
  9. 9.     _____________ between rich and poor seem to grow ever wider.                         (divide)

10. He is learning how to think ________________.                                                    (science)

11. When we _________ home last night, we __________ that someone __________ into our flat. (get, find, break)

12. He______________really hard in recent years.                                                       (work)

13. You wouldn’t consider _____________ a man for his money, then?                      (marry)

14. Please let me _________________ your decision.                                                      (know)    

  1. 15.  Would you like____________________ my pen friend?                                         (be)