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TIN BÀI BỘ MÔN - Ngoại ngữ

REVISION ( Học kỳ II, Lớp 11 năm học 2018-2019 )

                                                      REVISION ( Học kỳ II, Lớp 11 năm học 2018-2019 )

I. Phonetics

II. Use of  English

1. Vocabulary

2. Grammar :   

• Defining and Non- defining relative clauses

• Relative pronoun with prepositions

• Relative clauses replaced by participles and to infinitives

• Omission of relative pronouns

• Cleft sentence ( subject / object / adverbial focus )

• Could / be able to

• Tag questions

•  It is said that …………….

•  People say that………….

III. Reading


I. Choose one word whose underline part is pronounced differently from the others

1.    A. advance                                          B. aquatic                                            C. athlete                                                                       D . solidarity

2.    A solar                                                 B. balloon                                           C. major                                                                        D. amount

3.    A. physics                                            B. basic                                               C. subject                                                        D. sum

4.    A. agriculture                                      B. nature                                                          C. mature                                                         D. structure

5.    A. caused                                            B. worked                                           C. forced                                                                       D. stopped

6.    A. conquest                                         B. astronaut                                         C. congress                                                       D. psychological

7.    A. effort                                                            B. fencing                                           C. release                                                          D. devastate

8.    A. shower                                            B. allow                                                            C. below                                                                        D. plough

9.    A. bronze                                            B. effort                                                            C. official                                                          D. protect

10. A. stamps                                            B. clubs                                                            C. plays                                                             D. fields

II. Choose one  word whose stress pattern  is different from the others

1.    A.orbit                                                 B. spirit                                                C. wonder                                                         D. support

2.    A. mission                                           B. conquer                                          C. extreme                                                        D. congress

3.    A. national                                           B. telegram                                          C. accident                                                        D. enormous

4.    A. audience                                         B. extinction                                        C. abundant                                                      D. athletics

5.    A. pesticide                                          B. burial                                                            C. classify                                                         D. gigantic

6.    A. consumption                            B. condition                                             C. spectator                                                     D. scenery

7.    A. entertainment                                 B. biography                                       C. facility                                                          D. gymnasium

III. Choose the best answer

1. Oil, coal and natural gas are ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­___________ .            

                    A.nuclear  energy.                              B. fossil fuels                                       C. plentiful                                                       D. infinite.

2. The Vietnamese participants took_________ in the 14th Asian Games with great enthusiasm.    

                    A.notice                                                            B. notes                                                            C.  part                                                             D. role

3. ____________from several countries competed in many Asian Games.

                    A.Spectators                                        B. Athletes                                                 C  Audience                                                    D.  Viewers

4. Swimming is one of the ____________ sports.

                    A.mountainous                      B. aquatic                                            C. racing                                                                       D. running

5. The hotel staff is friendly and_____________ .          

                    A.unhelpful                            B. courteous                              C.discourteous                                           D. impolite

6. Who is the person to ___________foot  on the moon.

                    A.put                                                   B.left                                                   C. placed                                                                        D. set 

7. A pharaoh was a__________ of ancientEgypt.                      

                    A.king                                   B.queen                                                            C. prince                                                           D. princess

8. Sydney Opera House is widely regarded as a __________   of the modern world.

                    A.heritage                               B. wonder                                           C. belonging.                                  D.possession

9. My cousin , who is an accomplished pianist , has invited me to a concert today.

                    A. completed                                       B. talented                                           C.famous                                                          D.fulfilled

10. In Britain, the most common leisure activities are home-based.

                    A. special                                             B. popular                                           C. standard                                                       D. distinctive

11. Luckily, the boy _________ escape from the car before it burned up.

                    A.could                                                             B. were able to                       C. may be                                                         D. was be able to

12. Solar energy is not only plentiful and __________ but also clean and safe.

                    A. infinitive                                         B. countless                                         C. uncountable                                    D. immeasurable

13. We joined the game for the _____________ of the Asian Games.                  

                    A. feeling                                             B.spirit                                                 C. emotion                                                        D. symbol

14. You look very tired .                                 - Yes , I ___________ last night.

                    A. couldn’t                                          B. was not  able to                              C. can ’t                                                                         D. am not able to

15  .We really ________all the efforts  our athletes have made to win the medals .

                    A.  participate                         B. advance                                          C. appreciate                                                     D. attract           

16. How long did Yuri Gagarin’s trip into space_____________? – Only 108 minutes

                    A. lengthen                                          B. last                                                  C. late                                                               D. strengthen.

17. One of the factors influence__________ global warning is carbon monoxide.                                                                   

                    A. for                                                   B.of                                                     C.on                                                                  D. in

18. What was the speed of Gagarin’s spacecraft ___________ orbit around the earth .

                    A. on                                                   B.in                                                                   C.with                                                               D.at

19. This road is named __________ one of our national heroes .                                        

                    A. to                                                    B.from                                                 C.behind                                                                        D.after

20. Television brings benefits , but it can also have  a bad influence __________ people.                

                    A. on                                                   B.with                                                 C.for                                                                 D.at

21. He was transferred __________ Manchester United to Arsenal for a huge fee.

       A.for                                                    B..in                                                    C.at                                                                                D.from

22. How many sports were there___________ the 14th Asian Games?                                                      

                    A. in                                                    B.on                                                                  C.at                                                                                D.to

23. The spacecraft lifted__________ at 12 A.M.   

                    A.on                                                    B.of                                                                   C.off                                                                 D.in

24. We don’t have to repair the house as it is still___________ good condition.                                      

                    A.at                                                                   B.in                                                                  C.on                                                                              D.of

25. “It’s going to rain tomorrow.”                                                         _________________

                    A. How do you do ?                                                                                       B. That’s true. I agree with you .

                    C. How do you know ?                                                                                   D. I can’t agree with you more.

26. “ Wow, what a nice coat you wearing!”.                                                 “ ________________ “

                    A. Certainly . Do you like it , too ?                                                            B. I like you to say so .

                    C. Yes, of course. It’s expensive.                                                                   D. Thank, my mother bought it for me .

27. “ Do you feel like going to the cinema this evening ?”                “ ____________________________ .”

                    A. You’re welcome.                                                                                       B. That would be great.              

                    C. I feel very bored                                                                                                       D. I don’t agree, I am afraid.

28  “ Would you like tea or coffee ?”                                                                        “ _______________ “

                    A. I’d rather coffee, please.                                                                             B. I’m glad you like it.

                    C. Thanks. The same to you.                                                                          D. I’d prefer coffee please.         

29. The winners were happy and the losers felt __________ .

                    A. to disappoint                      B. disappointed                            C. disappointed                                        D. disappointment

30. The song has _________ been selected for the 22nd Sea Games inVietnam .

                    A. officially                                         B. office                                                            C. official                                            D. officer

31. Electronics is the subject ____________ .

                    A. about that I know little.                                                                              B. I know very little about.         

                    C. which I know very little.                                                                            D. where I know very little.

32. The friends _________ last night sent you their love.

                    A. that stayed with you.         B. stayed with you                       C. whom stayed with you.       D. with whom stayed you.

33. “Have you ever met the man __________ over there?”

                    A. stands                                                          B. standing                                          C. who he is standing                         D.  is standing

34. They live in a house __________ in 1980.

                    A. that building                      B. that was building                     C. built                                                             D. build

35. John is the youngest  person _________ part in the race.

                    A. taken                                                            B. to take                                                          C. taking                                                                        D. takes                                

36. Many people were thought __________ in the earthquake.

                    A. that they were killed          B. to kill                                                            C. that they killed                                D. to have been killed

IV. Choose the sentence A, B, C or D which is closest in meaning to the original one.

37. People say that playing football is the most interesting.

                    A. It is said that playing football was the most interesting                    

                    B. It was said that playing football is the most interesting

                    C. The most important thing is football.                                                           

                    D. Playing football is said to be the most interesting.

38. It took the firefighters ten hours to put out the fire.